Optimal Health

Understanding Your Body & Being Your Own Best Doctor.

OPTIMAL Health Is where the Body and Mind are functioning to the best of their capabilities so that one maintains Homeostasis and hsas the best chance of staying Healthy.

There are  priorities that make this happen. Nutrition, Exercise, Mental status, Toxin reduction are all important. The thing that ties them together is the Nervous system. The health of the Nervous system is greatly influenced by Chiropractic.

The following principles are important to understand for Optimal Health.

Axiom #1: The Body is Self Healing and Self Regulating
Cuts heal automatically. The heart pumps blood. The Lungs exchange Oxygen. Pupils dilate. Hormones are excreted for many body functions. Etc….

Axiom #2: We are Born to be healthy. The natural tendency is towards health. This is Self-Evident. Healthier individuals have better chance of Survival.

Axiom #3: The Nervous System is the Master System and controller of the body.
The Brain controls everything through Neural Impulses.
Nerve impulses travel to every Organ, Tissue and Cell in our body.

Axiom #4: Interference with the Nervous System will Interfere with Health.Vertebral Subluxation or Misalignment is most common form of interference.

Optimal Health is where Body and Mind are functioning to the best if their capabilities so that one maintains Homeostasis and has the best chance of staying Healthy.

Chiropractic deals directly with removing interference from the Nervous System.

Optimal Health is achieved by….

1) Removing Interference from the Nervous System-Chiropractic Care
2) Proper Nutrition- Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Protein, Water, Supplements
3) Reducing Mental Stress-Stress Management
4) Exercise-Stretching, Strengthening & Aerobics
5) Removing Toxins from Your environment. Sugar, White Flour, Chemicals, Medications, Pollutants. Cleanse? Antioxidants?

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